My Vector-driven GPS box for bicycles (from 2013)

My final year project in 2013 was to design/build a box you could strap to your bicycle to project GPS directions on the ground. I had intended to write this up at the time, but there was a hope I could patent it so didn't. Honestly I should have just released it then.
No matter, though. Here are all the deets!

ESP8266 Boards and Old Macintoshes

Finally a cheap WiFi solution for old Macs? Let's find out!

Old Macintosh hacking (historical)

22/3/2015 (but really, since 1997-ish)
I felt I should document my old Mac hacks, apps and other things, so I've put quite a lot of it here for others to see and (hopefully) enjoy!

Tube Departue Board version 2

This is an advancement of the previous script, which displays all the lines on one page, and gives lines their correct colours. It's still small and minimal, perfect for dumbphones.

Psion HCP 384

I acquired a Psion HC110 and an HCP384 printer. Sadly documentation on the printer is very sparse, so I did what I could to make it work. These are my findings. Motivation for this project was to create a mobile ticket printing station for ICU Cinema.

Tube departure boards (minimal - mobile friendly!)

This is a small tube departures page I whipped up in PHP. It's very simple and very unfinished, but works for me! I just wanted to be able to get departure boards on a very basic page which would work well on my old smartphone. (A Nokia N9.) It uses no fancy Javascript or CSS either, so it's fast.


Hi! I'm Adam, Electronic/Electrical Engineer. You can find out about my professional life here.
I'm a Railway/Electrical Engineer by day, Electronic/Software Engineer/Hardware/Software Hacker by night. See my experiments above.

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Quite a lot of my projects end up on Github/Gitorious. Most recent projects were with ICU Cinema [a.k.a. Imperial Cinema], the student run cinema at Imperial College, London.


Send an email to my first name at this domain. - Adam